The Greek word for tragedy means “goat song”...  Is Oedipus the goat?


"A brilliant new translation."

—Todd M. Compton, author of Victim of the Muses (Center for Hellenic Studies / Harvard University Press)


"A superb compilation."

—Neni Panourgiá, Columbia University


"A book like this is overdue."

—Kurt Fosso, Classics Faculty, Lewis & Clark College


"I recommend it enthusiastically."

—Daniel Hogg, Bryn Mawr Classical Review


Featuring selections from Walter Burkert, Terry Eagleton, Michel Foucault, René Girard, and Jean-Pierre Vernant


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How do humans stop fighting? Where do the gods of myth come from? What does it mean to go mad?


"Original and brilliant."

—Ivan Strenski, author of Thinking About Religion



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"With Vengeance in Reverse, Mark Anspach establishes himself as one of today's most important figures in French social theory and cultural anthropology."

—Mark S. Cladis, Brown University


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