René Girard

René Girard's Legacy


Sometimes the greatest ideas appear to be simple ones. The famed critic and cultural theorist René Girard gave the world a set of deceptively simple ideas that have changed the way we think...

Anti-Globalization protest

Global Markets, Anonymous Victims

Talking to Mark Anspach

The UNESCO Courier


In our great metropolises, hundreds of homeless people die each year. We don't even know their names. The market economy has not rid us of sacrifice. And yet, its rationality was supposed to distance us from ritual violence...



"Dare Me"

When Cheerleading Becomes a Hunger Game


Look at Emily. Isn’t she the picture of perfection? There’s no sexier girl on the high school cheer squad. The boys like her just the way she is. But not Coach. She thinks the poor girl is fat...

Qaddafi hanged in effigy

Lynching Qaddafi


The Libyans didn't get it.


With everyone agreeing Qaddafi was a monster, the outcry over the way he died caught the rebels by surprise...

Isabelle Caro No Anorexia Nolita billboard

Why Did Isabelle Caro Die?

Mixed messages in an anorexic model's death


It was a shocking one-two punch: first anorexic model Isabelle Caro died in a French hospital, then the distraught mother killed herself. Coming so soon after her daughter's death, Marie Caro's suicide reopened the debate about the causes of anorexia....