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Vengeance in Reverse

The Tangled Loops of Violence, Myth, and Madness

by Mark R. Anspach


From the peacemaking rituals of pre-state societies to the paradoxical structure of consciousness, Vengeance in Reverse takes the reader on an intellectual roller-coaster ride that begins with the problem of how to deceive violence and ends with the riddle of how one can deceive oneself.


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Oedipus Unbound

Selected Writings on Rivalry and Desire

by René Girard


Edited and with an introduction by Mark R. Anspach


"The introductory essay by Mark Anspach is a delight." 

 —Andrew Bartlett, COV&R Bulletin


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Anorexia and Mimetic Desire

by René Girard


Introduction and interview with René Girard

by Mark R. Anspach


In a culture obsessed with thinness, we are all caught up in a game of conspicuous non-consumption...


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Kings of Disaster

by Simon Simonse


Foreword by Mark Anspach


"A monumental achievement... The most important work on the long-mooted topic of divine kingship yet written."

—David Graeber, London School of Economics


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