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The Oedipus Casebook

Reading Sophocles' Oedipus the King

Edited by Mark R. Anspach


Translation of the play by Wm. Blake Tyrrell with facing Greek text


"Groundbreaking readings of Oedipus by Jean-Pierre Vernant, Michel Foucault, and René Girard... A superb compilation."

—Neni Panourgiá, Columbia University


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Vengeance in Reverse

The Tangled Loops of Violence, Myth, and Madness

by Mark R. Anspach


From the peacemaking rituals of pre-state societies to the paradoxical structure of consciousness, Vengeance in Reverse takes the reader on an intellectual roller-coaster ride that begins with the problem of how to deceive violence and ends with the riddle of how one can deceive oneself.


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Oedipus Unbound

Selected Writings on Rivalry and Desire

by René Girard


Edited and with an introduction by Mark R. Anspach


"The introductory essay by Mark Anspach is a delight." 

 —Andrew Bartlett, COV&R Bulletin


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Anorexia and Mimetic Desire

by René Girard


Introduction and interview with René Girard

by Mark R. Anspach


In a culture obsessed with thinness, we are all caught up in a game of conspicuous non-consumption...


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Kings of Disaster

by Simon Simonse


Foreword by Mark Anspach


"A monumental achievement... The most important work on the long-mooted topic of divine kingship yet written."

—David Graeber, London School of Economics


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