A pensive Carl Jung dreams of "sitting pretty"

Freud and Jung's game of thrones

In 1907, Jung had a dream that Freud interpreted as revealing the younger man’s desire to “dethrone him and take his place.” That had not stopped Freud from recognizing in Jung his scientific “son and heir.”


But late in 1912, Freud’s fear of being dethroned flared up irretrievably during a lunchtime conversation about Egyptian kings. Amenhotep, founder of the first monotheistic cult, had erased from public monuments the name of his father.


Jung argued that since the father had been regarded as divine, suppressing the earlier god’s name was necessary to establish the new religion. Shortly after, Freud collapsed in a dead faint.


Their relationship had entered free fall. Within weeks, Jung petulantly accused Freud of wanting to “remain on top as the father, sitting pretty.” Freud soon proposed they break off all contact...


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